Life List

Just a few things to take care of before I shrivel up and die...
  1. Walk the Cinque Terre
  2. Visit Venice before it sinks
  3. Host a dinner party
  4. Bake a pie from scratch
  5. Make shortbread cookies with The Kid
  6. Camp on the beach with the kids and The Man
  7. Learn to can
  8. Host a canning party
  9. Get paid to write
  10. Learn to use my camera
  11. Redesign Martini Mom
  12. Leave an enormous tip
  13. Work for a non-profit
  14. Celebrate BIG on my 40th birthday (10-10-15)
  15. Learn to sew better
  16. Make 100 lovely things
  17. Read 100 fiction books that I haven't read before
  18. Read 100 non-fiction books that I haven't read before
  19. Go to the dentist
  20. Stop using plastic for anything food-related
  21. Make my own shampoo
  22. Swear off anti-perspirant
  23. Make my own deodorant
  24. Live abroad for a year
  25. Attend a yoga retreat
  26. Stay in one of those cabins on the water in Bora Bora
  27. Take a romantic, child-free vacation with The Man
  28. Take a chaotic vacation with The Man and all our kids
  29. Take a year-long road trip
  30. Learn to play the piano
  31. Learn to play the cello
  32. Throw an art party
  33. Clean out the basement
  34. For 1 month, make every single meal from scratch
  35. For 1 year, purchase no new clothing (making my own or buying 2nd hand is okay)
  36. Sleep through the night
  37. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up, and do it
  38. Teach my kids to grow their own food
  39. Spend an entire summer playing with my kids
  40. Introduce The Baby to the aquarium
  41. Introduce The Baby to the zoo
  42. Kayak
  43. Turn my backyard into a pleasant place to hang out with the family
  44. Learn to use the grill
  45. Eat at 25 new restaurants
  46. Take the family to the Hoh Rain Forest
  47. Step foot on all 7 continents. Yes, even Antarctica.
  48. Storm the steps of the capitol in the name of public education
  49. Attend a rally
  50. Create a home that comfortably accommodates all our kids
  51. Attend a blog conference
  52. Live in a house that functions off the grid
  53. Coffee. Paris.
  54. Stay in those caves in Italy
  55. Teach art to children
  56. Take a painting class
  57. Take a pottery class
  58. Help my mom open that fabric store she's always wanted
  59. Attend the opera
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