Hello. I am Martini Mom and this is my blog.

Much that's written here deals with life as a single mom, which I used to be. But now I'm a... something else. I'm not remarried, but I am living with my boy friend. Who knocked me up. So I'm not sure how to refer to myself now, because there's no handy label for that. Except, maybe, sinner. With an exclamation point. Like this: Sinner!

I did get married once. It didn't end well. You can read about that here:

But we did have one amazing son together. I write about him a lot. I try not to write about The Ex too often, but co-parenting is hard and sometimes a snarky post is the only thing that can make me feel better.

After one divorce and two years of very casual single-mom dating, I abruptly decided one Friday evening that I was ready for something real. The next night, surrounded by fellow party-goers in my friend's kitchen, I met The Man and I knew he was it. I just knew. (What I didn't know was that he already had a girl friend and it would be many years and many tears before we'd land at happily ever after. I had to find those things out the hard way. More on our early relationship here.) He moved in with The Kid and me in September of 2009 and two short months later I was peeing on a stick. And that's why you should always use a condom. 

The Baby was born in 2010 and is easily the best unused condom in all of the land. I write about him a lot too.  Also, Unused Condom is the name I had monogrammed onto all his bath towels.

Mother of the year I am not. Martini Mom I am.

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