Tuesday, May 29, 2012


She served me well for many years, but it's time to shut the ol' girl down. This will be Martini Mom's final post.

While a "single mom blog" was never what I intended this space to be, it is certainly where it laid down its roots and flourished. And I am no longer single.

In fact, I'm engaged, which I'm now realizing that I neglected to announce here. So, hey everyone: Martini Mom and The Man are getting MAAAAAR-ried. (Please say that last part in your best Oprah voice.)

Sure, I could morph a single mom blog into a not-single mom blog. Plenty of formerly single moms have done it before me. But, meh. This place reeks of my old life. It was a pretty great old life, don't get me wrong. But I'm ready to bid it a fond farewell and leap unencumbered into my even greater new life.

Plus, martini mom? That's a pretty dumb moniker for someone who can't remember the last time she laid eyes on a martini, let alone drank one. Also, there's this weird Martini Mom & Devil Spawn thing happening that I'm pretty sure I don't want to be even accidentally associated with.

But don't worry: I've been hard at work on a new blog that's almost ready for prime time. There will be less martini. And, I suspect, even a little less mom. But more other stuff. More awesome other stuff. And this time, you even get to call me by my real name. (It's Kellee, by the way.)

So long, Martini Mom. I'll see you in the next life.

(I'll post a link to the next life here, when it's ready, so that I can see YOU in the next life too. It wouldn't be the same without you.)

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