Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Blended family, interrupted

I've never met The Man's daughters.

Technically I did meet his oldest once, long ago, before we were even dating. She was still a baby - nine months maybe? I met The Man and his wife at a park for what was supposed to be a farewell visit before they relocated to Toronto. It was during that visit that I learned they were expecting their second child. So, if you really want to stretch, I suppose you could say that I've been in the presence of both his girls. But that was years ago.

And now they live with their mom, many states away. Though there have been many half-formulated plans to get the girls to Seattle for an extended visit, they've all fallen through for one reason or another. Currently it's money. We just don't have enough to allow The Man to fly to Dallas, grab the girls and fly with them back to Seattle, visit, fly with the girls back to Dallas, and fly The Man back home again. That's four sets of expensive round-trip tickets. So, instead of having them in Seattle for the summer like we'd hoped, The Man is making plans to fly to Dallas to conduct a long weekend visit there.

It's a visit that's long, long overdue, so I'm happy that The Man will see them soon. But I'm sad this blended family continues to be only partially blended. Shaken, but not stirred.


T said...

Aw. I'm sorry that you'll not get to spend time with them. I can imagine they'd be pretty excited to be around your boys!

Shannon said...

Hang in there! Hope your Summer gets better and better each day! Thank you for stopping by Her Cup Runs Over and commenting on "Not Guilty". I am now your newest follower! :)

Jessica @FoundtheMarbles said...

Aww. What a shame that you can't all be together this summer. Hopefully you can blend soon.

Leanna Vera said...

That sounds tough :( I'm stopping by from comment hour and I just love your blog. I am an aspiring Martini Mom haha

Lindsey said...

I wish you luck in blending your families. It's an awesome task, but done successfully is such a beautiful story.

I found you through #commenthour.

Sarah said...

Wow I can't imagine how hard that must be to not have all the family together. Hope you find a way to make it work.

Heather said...

Trying to blend can definitely have downfalls. I am in California while my kids and grandbaby are all in Kansas. I understand this all too well. Hope things work out for you. Visiting from #commenthour

Celia said...

omg. i haven't even read your post yet. i'm following. purely on blog title! :) #commenthour

trininista said...

It takes a long time to get there doesn't it? But think of how awesome it will all be when it all finally comes together. Thinking of you and the fam.

ruthiehart said...

visiting from commenthour# thanks for sharing your story, I look forward to reading your blog!

Martini Mom said...

@T: Yes, I'm dying to introduce them to the boys. So sad they haven't been able to meet their brother yet. :(

@Shannon: Thanks for following! I'm determined to have a great summer, despite this set back.

@Jessica: It really is too bad. My heart breaks for The Man, who is forced into such abbreviated visits with his girls.

@Leanna: Thanks for visiting! Martini Mom status is easily achievable! :)

@Lindsey: Thank you for the good wishes. We'll get there someday.

@Sarah: Yes, it's really hard on The Man and, I'm sure, his girls too.

@Heather: Thank you for the empathy. It's so hard to be so far away.

@Celia: Ha! Thanks for following!

@trininista: It WILL be awesome! Thanks for the good thoughts.

@ruthiehart: Thanks for stopping by!

...and I really need to install disqus!

Mama Spaghetti said...

Wow! That sounds really tough. But I hope he enjoys his visit (and you enjoy your time alone!)

Glad I found your blog (via #commenthour, even though I'm like a day late...)! Look forward to reading more.

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