Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life list

The dear Maggie Mason was one the first bloggers I discovered (2nd only to Dooce), way back before I really even understood what blogging was. I have been copying her ever since. I signed up for Mondo Beyondo on her recommendation. I bought some brutal body busting exercise DVD because she told me to. I stole gift ideas from Mighty Goods and Mighty Haus and Mighty Junior (sites that once were awesome before she sold them into mediocrity). I fell in love with Etsy just like she said I would, and I created a Twitter account because she was all like, "Hey! Look at this thing! It is new and exciting and you will do it!" And I did. I bought her book, which is good because prior to reading it I was pretty sure you were interested in nothing but what I had for lunch. She even signed it. "You are great," it says on the inside cover. But if she suggested that I watch Oprah or thank Oprah, I would refuse. I do not like Oprah. And that's why Maggie and I can never be real friends.

But it doesn't stop me from copying her mighty life list. (Or, more accurately, copying her life list idea. I couldn't just copy her list. Hers includes "Meet Ms. Whinfrey," which, as we already discussed, ew.)

My list includes lofty items like #29 (take a year-long road trip) and #47 (step foot on all seven continents) and more simple - but equally drool-worthy - desires like #36 (sleep through the night). Every item is measurable, because I actually was paying attention in all those business meetings (definable, measurable goals). So, for example, "read more" became #s 17 and 18: read 100 fiction books and read 100 nonfiction books, respectively. Otherwise, how would I ever know when to mark "read more" as complete? The list currently contains 59 items, a strange number to select for an ending point. Which is because it's not an ending point, it just means I got sleepy last night and stopped listing. But that's okay. It's an evolving list. I'll add things. I'll mark things off. I'll replace things like "read 100 books" with "read 100 more books." And I reserve the write to eliminate things, should they become less important to me over time (Antarctica, I'm looking at you).

You can see my full list here.

Do you have a life list? What's on yours?

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Kelli said...

Hooray! I remember you saying you were working on your list. I'm going to check it out now.

By the way, I totally agree about making it "definable". My first go at a bucket list had things like "learn to play the guitar." Simple enough, but at one point do I consider it accomplished? So I changed it to "memorize five songs on the guitar."

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