Friday, June 03, 2011

Excellent Alternatives to Here

Throughout the week, I collect urls in a little cyber-stack on my laptop. They're things I intend to comment on because of their awesomeness/humor/snark/unbelievability/whatever... but I never quite get around to it. I present to you this week's gathering.

First order of business: Martini Mom now has a Facebook page. I just set it up and it's... well... a little lonely. Come on over and say hello, won't you. Maybe even click on the likey button if you're so inclined.

The Burning House asks what you would take with you if your house was on fire, with answers given photographically. What would you take? (Of course, this is a silly question if you take it literally - we'd all grab our kids and run - so maybe imagine that your house in on fire but burning very, very slowly, and you have time to wander around and grab 10 of your favorite things.)

The picture at the bottom of this article shows you where I'll retire someday. And this is what I'll drive, though I suppose a boat would be more practical.

In the summer, my mom always had homemade popsicles in the freezer. She used Tupperware molds and, depending on how long they'd been in there, the icy treats would start to take on a delicate plastic flavor. I'd love a set of these stainless steel molds to bring a BPA-free version of the tradition into my own home.

And finally, over at Green Legume I wrote about antibiotics in farm animals, the EWG's 2011 sunscreen guide, a book report, how to make your own baby food, and a potential reuse project for my beautiful old doors.

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