Tuesday, April 26, 2011

State of the union

Our decision to have me stay home with The Baby means that we are now a one income family (with four kids to support). My previous salary was not negligible, so this is quite a big shift. On top of that, The Man's income is variable. Some months there's plenty; other months there's quite a bit less than plenty. Luckily, he and I both have a lot of experience with frugality. Where cutting back is torture for some people, for me it feels more like returning home after a long vacation. It's not necessarily where I want to be, but it's very familiar territory.

We've taken a few steps to mitigate the potential financial woes. Nonessential expenses are being reviewed and cut as needed (today we said goodbye to cable, which really should've been gone a long time ago given how rarely we turn on the TV). The Man is talking about getting a second job, at least until his primary paycheck starts perking back up. I'll be doing some freelance writing for Groupon beginning in May. And The Kid is doing his part by telling everyone we're broke.

Really. Everyone. But not like he's bothered by it; more like he thinks it's a neat adventure.

And while my opinion on the matter might change as time goes on, right now I happen to agree with him. This is, indeed, a pretty neat adventure.

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Momma Sunshine said...

Honestly, I think the kids will remember more that they had you at home with them than the fact that they didn't have cable tv. Good for you for being able to do this. Being able to be at home with my girls for the first 6 years was one of the greatest gifts I could have given them, I think. :) Happy for you!

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