Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Brought to you by the number 10 (and the letter F)

I used to be ahead of the curve. There were cool things out in the world to be found, and I found them. At least some of them. Things like Twitter and Etsy - back when they were just babies - both of which I introduced to my tallest former coworker (he's the inspiration behind posts like this and this and this). It was probably another Twitter that he was expecting when he asked me to participate in the Top Ten series he and his wife are featuring on their blog, Orange Juice, Etc. Instead, I gave him a book about garbage. That's what 35 years and a new baby will do to a person. Still, it was nice to be featured. You should visit the list, and wander around their blog a bit while you're there. They have nice things to say about food and fashion and photography and family. Because their blog is brought to you by the letter F.

And now, a few more nice things that didn't quite make my top 10:

1. Remember the Milk. The Man turned me on to Remember the Milk, an online task manager. I'm using the free version, which means I have a set number of lists whose names can't be changed: Inbox, Personal, Work, Study. No big deal, because I don't need more than four lists, and it's easy enough for me to remember that "study" is my home improvement list. You can add due dates, tags, priorities, repeating tasks, notes, etc. It is the only way I remember what I'm doing between diaper changes and nursing breaks. The site itself isn't pretty enough for a place like Orange Juice, but otherwise it's a winner.

2. Reddit. If The Man is reading this, he is now scoffing loudly. I actually hate Reddit. I keep trying, but I just can't handle the user interface. And there's too much crap to weed through to get to the good stuff. But I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong. The Man is a bit of a Reddit junkie, and has finding the worthy parts down to a science. I just wait for him to laugh or raise an intrigued eyebrow and then insist that he share. I love Reddit vicariously.

3. Magazines. I love to read, but very rarely have more than 3 minutes at a time to do so. Since it's thoroughly unenjoyable to read novels in 3-minute increments, I turn to magazines. My current favorites are Natural Home Magazine, Ready Made, Fresh Home, and City Arts - Seattle (free!).

4. On the Boards. THE best artsy venue in Seattle, hands down. Also the worst, depending on the night. But that's why I love it. OtB books the up-and-comers, the unique, the envelope pushers of modern dance, theater, and music. Sometimes the experiment fails. But more often it's absolutely mind blowing.

5. Making things with my hands. Some inspiration from the "with my hands" category of my Google reader: New Dress a Day, I Could Make That, Sew Mama Sew, How About Orange.

6. Cheating. Because there's not always time to thrift, a couple good online options are always handy. Anthropologie is still my fave, but unemployment and $200 tshirts don't mix. Thankfully, there's Ruche. (And thankfully, there are friends who send me links to things like Ruche. Thanks, Kelly!) Mod Cloth is also a good time.

7. Olives. Especially green ones. Stuffed with blue cheese. Swimming in a dirty vodka martini. Drool.

8. Glass. I love my Life Factory glass water bottle!

9. Elk and Boar. I went to junior high and high school with Elk. I tried really hard to hate her when I was 13. It should've been easy. I was hormonal and insecure and she was beautiful and talented. And? And? The boy I liked? He liked her. Was completely smitten with her, in fact. Hmph. It should've been so easy. And yet, I couldn't. A teenage girl can hate on anyone, but I simply could not hate on her. That's how entirely un-unlikable she is. She's still got her pipes, and she and Boar are playing around town. There's also an EP out, I hear.

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Elias said...

Kudos for the letter F joke, that made me smile. We should change all our photo posts to "foto" posts. On second thought, no, that's lame. Also, you delivered as expected on the cool stuff. Hello, tiny houses! :)

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