Friday, January 21, 2011

Excellent Alternatives to Here

Throughout the week, I collect urls in a little cyber-stack on my laptop. They're things I intend to comment on because of their awesomeness/humor/snark/unbelievability/whatever... but I never quite get around to it. I present to you this week's gathering:

First of all, here's the Salon article ("Regrets of a stay-at-home mom") that prompted the rant I posted yesterday. If you read the article, don't skip the comments. That's where the real crazy comes out.

When I read this article, I excitedly told The Man: "We could have two suns by 2012!" Of course, what he heard was "We could have two sons by 2012!" I must learn to phrase my sentences better.

Here's a cool writing prompt site for all you writing types.

And here are lots of things I'll never get around to making. Like this stuffed animal lamp. (I might actually get to this one, because I really want to make something that I can call a stiffy.) This homemade chai concentrate sounds yummy. And these fashionable paper doll magnets are stereotypically girly enough to be insulting (but I LOVE them).

Over at my other blog (You forgot I had another blog, didn't you? It's okay. I did too for a while there.) I've been blowing off the dust and tap-tap-taping at the mic to see if anyone's still listening (they're not), and finally getting around to posting again. This week, I talked about teeny, tiny houses, tea bags, and meatless Mondays.

Happy weekend, all!

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