Friday, October 01, 2010

Baby log: Day 34

It occurs to me that I am flooding Twitter with nothing but baby-related tweets lately. The obvious reason for this is that I'm completely baby-occupied 100% of the time. The obvious downside of this is that my tweets have grown grown tedious and tiresome; a far cry from the 120-character literary masterpieces of days gone by. So instead of interrupting everyone repeatedly with news no more exciting than the contents of my baby's latest poopy diaper, I shall record my baby-related musings in a log and publish it here, no more than once daily. Deal?

9:00 am
This is how they sleep, all night long. It explains why nap time is such a nightmare, so accustomed is The Baby to sleeping in the crook of an arm. It also explains why my baby's head always carries the humid scent of his daddy's arm pit. If they weren't so freaking precious, I wouldn't allow it.

10:00 am
Every time The Baby burps, I have to take off an article of clothing. It's like a game of strip poker in here... but with more spit-up.

10:07 am
I am now completely naked.

11:00 am
Found myself singing this song to The Baby in lieu of a lullaby. Tsk if you must, but guess whose baby is now sound asleep.

1:30 pm
Another feeding; another game of strip poker.

2:15 pm
I'm sick with a sore throat and mildly swollen tonsils. Safe to say The Baby isn't feeling well either. This baby who doesn't nap has been napping all day. Just changed his diaper, got up to wash my hands, and he's zonked out again on the floor where I left him without so much as a wet pinky to suck on. Fine. I guess it wasn't "What What in the Butt" that lulled him off to sleep this morning after all.

6:15 pm
Pretty sure my right nipple has a stress fracture.

6:30 pm
It occurs to me that I haven't brushed my teeth all day.

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