Saturday, September 25, 2010

Naming Jupiter

After nearly four weeks without a name, we've finally come to a decision. Everybody, I'd like you to meet Michael Avi.

We call him Avi. He's one of those smug "I go by my middle name" babies.

During my pregnancy, I wrote about the last name debate as The Man and I tried to decide whose last name to give the baby. In the end, we gave him mine. Yay for another little [my last name] in the world! Michael was chosen as his first name in honor of The Man's dad. And Avi is something The Man suggested; one of the few names on the list that we both liked.

And so, finally, that deed is done and The Baby has his own identity. Hopefully the name will serve him well. If not, he can always resort to Jupiter Bighead, a name his big brother promises to keep in heavy rotation.


Nicki said...

So very pleased to meet him. He'll have to work hard to cultivate the smug look, but I have no doubt he'll master it within a few years. ;) said...

Great name!! Congratulations!

Cheryl said...

Love it!

Not a soccer mom said...

I too was not named for a while after entering this world. ( and my original birth certificate showed 'female' and had to be later amended.
How is it that you pronounce the name Avi? I really like it.

Baby said...

Yay for finally getting a name :) SO CUTE!

Martini Mom said...

@Not a soccer mom: It's pronounced AH-vee. It's a Hebrew name and, traditionally, I believe the emphasis is on the 2nd syllable, but we put the emphasis on the 1st.

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