Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby log: Day 33

It occurs to me that I am flooding Twitter with nothing but baby-related tweets lately. The obvious reason for this is that I'm completely baby-occupied 100% of the time. The obvious downside of this is that my tweets have grown grown tedious and tiresome; a far cry from the 120-character literary masterpieces of days gone by. So instead of interrupting everyone repeatedly with news no more exciting than the contents of my baby's latest poopy diaper, I shall record my baby-related musings in a log and publish it here, no more than once daily. Deal?

10:00 am
Able to set The Baby down for two minutes! Now I'm wearing pants!

12:00 pm
It's acceptable to shout "SHUT UP!" at your baby after an hour of straight howling, right? Oh. No? Okay then. I was just asking for a friend.

2:00 pm
The cow says, "Moooooo." The Baby is eating every 45 minutes. I feel like live stock.

3:00 pm
Yes, friendly co-shoppers, he is cute. He's also screaming, and has been doing so for the past three hours. I'm not really in the mood for your chit chat OR your sympathetic gazes.

3:40 pm
I've caved. There is now a dreaded pacifier shoved in The Baby's mouth. Maybe now I can have some lunch.

5:00 pm
The nightly mantra begins: "only 2-1/2 more hours... only 2-1/2 more hours... only 2-1/2 more hours..." Nose pressed to window, waiting for Daddy to come home.

8:30 pm
Warning: objects ordered online are larger than they appear.

Baby bath? Fuck that. Nothing less that a baby spa for my little one.


T said...

Oh my goodness what a cutie!

I certainly hope the man and the boy are helping the mommy with the baby!


Bobbi Janay said...

That is a great baby spa. He is too precious.

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