Monday, July 26, 2010

The home stretch

I think we're just about there. The Baby is a little bigger than he ought to be, and the warnings from the doc are that he could come early. I'm not due until August 23, but I'm nearly 37 weeks so it really could be any day now. And, as if to bring home that concept, my body continues to see fit to give me regular scares. On Saturday night, The Man and I spent about an hour timing contractions (they were mild, but quite regular and 4 minutes apart). On Sunday night, a searing pain shot through my general cervical area and about an hour later I'm pretty sure I lost my mucus plug. Or at least part of it. And tonight I had more contractions all through dinner.

So it's safe to say my body is gearing up. Unfortunately, the rest of me is no where near ready. At this point, the nursery is a construction zone, the kitchen is scheduled to become a construction zone next week, and we've only just barely begun to put together any sort of layette. We have some diapers and a couple outfits. And that's it.

This weekend will bring some emergency shopping and hopefully a lot of nursery painting and finishing. Let's just hope The Baby decides to give us that long...


T said...

You'll be fine.

Thankfully, babies don't need more than mommy and a diapers in the first month or so.

Hang in there!

suddenly sahm said...

Other people's pregnancies go so fast! It seems like you just announced this pregnancy like a week ago! V. excited for your little family. :)

It's A Yoga Thang said...

Thinking of you guys!!!! I hope all is well.

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