Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ode to a pseudo step-dad

For the last week, I've been sneaking The Kid off on shopping quests to find The Man the perfect Father's Day gift. He had something very specific in mind, and I had to drive him to every store I could think of until he found a specimen that met his expectations. It's kind of a silly gift; one that The Man will certainly use, but one that probably doesn't communicate the amount of thought and careful consideration that went into selecting it.

I kind of wish I could wrap that up for The Man instead: the vision of The Kid carefully testing out every option, of comparing this detail to that one, of agonizing over which color to select when finally he found a style that he deemed "special enough." Maybe then he would have an inkling of how much The Kid appreciates him. And how much The Kid's momma does too.


T said...

Aw. That's awesome!

Singlemommyhood said...

I LOVE this, and so relate!! As I read your post, I imagined you making a video/home movie of The Kid testing all the possible gifts out... and giving that to the Man. Maybe he'll read this post?

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Oh - I got all teary reading that!

It's A Yoga Thang said...

Beautiful. OX

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