Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nursery inspiration

It's getting to be about that time. If we're going to have a nursery ready before the baby arrives, we should probably at least start putting some thought into it. I (nearly) emptied out my former office to make room for baby, and now I'm finally starting to pull together inspiration images for the nursery.

First up: color. The room is small, so I'm thinking light and bright. Plus, it's spring and I'm all about happy, sunny colors right now.

I'm loving the greens and blues on these papers. Paired with white trim, and the occasional unexpected pop of that orange? Yes. I think I like. I've even planned my first pop:

I prefer using wet wash cloths rather than butt wipes, which requires a water proof vessel in which to keep them until washing. How perfect is this vintage ice bucket? Pop!

Given the very small dimensions of the room, we're looking into many space saving options like this mini crib and changing table combination from Orbelle. I'd like something in a lighter finish (white, ideally), but The Man doesn't trust painted furniture around babies. So we'll have to figure that out. I'm finding, though, that a lot of these smaller cribs only come in one finish, so that'll probably make the decision for us.

I have every intention of totally ripping off this paper crane idea (from Serena & Lilly) over the crib in lieu of a mobile.

I don't think my cranes will be all white though. And I like this tree and bird house idea, but it's a little... I don't know... messy for my taste.

Maybe something like this wall decal, but in white against green walls:

I like this one because the birds are separate pieces, so they don't have to be in the cage. I'd rather leave the cage empty (the birds are out flying over the crib anyway, remember?) as a subtle inspiration to be free.

I think adding the bird houses to the decal would be overkill. But maybe a small collection of houses hanging on on the opposite wall? Yes?

We'll have to see what The Man thinks of all this. So far, I know he'd like one of these in the room:

That is a really ridiculous photo, but stars are projected out of the turtle shell making it a sweet little nightlight.

Depending on the crib we end up with, we'll figure out how much more room we have for other pieces of furniture. I'd like a dresser (which will probably end up in the closet with some other storage ), a book shelf, and a rocking chair. I'd also like a new ceiling light fixture and we'll need to do something with the floor, which is currently painted wood in desperate need of repainting. And a nice cushy throw rug seems appropriate.

Right now I'm struggling with trying to find a small rocking chair that will fit in the room. Gliders are nice, but they're all so huge and (pardon my frank opinion) ugly. But the small ones I find all seem to be low backed without armrests. Not ideal for nursing. Suggestions?

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T said...

I don't know why when I saw your design ideas, I thought of this video:

I love Lisa Hannigan.

I also used wet washrags instead of butt wipes. I put them in a wipe warmer too so they wouldn't be so dang chilly. I used the tiny baby washrags I received at my baby shower.

Looks awesome. The colors are really fun.

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