Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend update

The weekend was intense, but in a good way.

We got up Saturday morning to meet with a potential contractor. We have a lot we want to have done to the house in order to make it sale worthy, and to make it more livable for us over the next year or so. A good portion of the upgrades will be happening in the basement, but those can wait until after baby. The kitchen, however, can not wait. I've lived long enough without a dishwasher. Plus, everything about the room is outdated and all of the appliances are on their last legs. It's time. And, since I don't want to be struggling through a kitchen remodel with a newborn, it's time RIGHT NOW (or, as soon as our chosen contractor can start). The guy we met with on Saturday is booked two months out, which is cutting it kind of close, but both The Man and I liked him. We have at least one more contractor to meet with, and then we'll be breaking ground. Or floor. We'll definitely be breaking floor, because something must be done about that atrocious vinyl.

After the contractor left, we grabbed some breakfast and waited impatiently for The Ex to pick up The Kid for the annual soccer shoe shopping extravaganza. While they were off, The Man and I wandered around the Admiral neighborhood of West Seattle, gathering written support for The Kid's school's playground improvement project. I'm part of the playground committee, and our grant application is due tomorrow. The one task assigned to me was gathering letters of support for the project from local community organizations. That sounds easy enough, but it wasn't. I even drafted up a form letter that people could just sign (rather than taking the time to write their own), but of all the community organizations I contacted, only one returned my many phone calls. So I enacted plan B: it's a Department of Neighborhoods grant, which means we have to show we have the support of the neighborhood. While the grant application specified "community organizations," we decided letters from locally owned businesses might help too. So The Man and I hit the streets and wandered into a good many of the locally owned (non-chain) establishments within a couple blocks of the school, form letter in hand. Everyone we talked to was very nice and very supportive and I kind of want to hug them all. In every establishment where an owner happened to be onsite, we walked out with a signed letter in hand. (Shouts out to Alki Bike & Board, Atomic Boys, Angelina's, Click!, and Hiawatha Community Center for happily signing letters.)

Then it was off to West Seattle Nursery to pick up some more plants for our various yard improvement projects. After plenty of wandering around, we (and by "we," I mean The Man) bought a lovely Japanese maple, a rhody in a coordinating color, two azaleas to replace a couple plants that bit it after our crazy 2008 snow storm, and something else that I've already forgotten.

We raced off to pick up The Kid and his new soccer shoes, hit Target, grabbed some dinner from Zippy's, and collapsed in piles on the floor.

Sunday brought a lazy morning, and then I rushed off to prenatal yoga at 8 Limbs while The Kid and The Man grabbed some lunch and headed to soccer practice. An hour and a half later, I raced home to change clothes, picked up a signed playground letter from one of the spots I'd dropped off on Saturday, grabbed a bite for myself to eat, and sped to The Kid's first soccer game of the season (they lost). After the game we came back home where The Man continued work on our backyard vegetable garden, and I left again to do the grocery shopping and pick up one final signed letter. And then I cooked dinner, we ate, and eventually made our way into our beds.

And then it was Monday, and I went to the office to get a break from all that work.

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