Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Snips and snails

Three years ago, The Kid was begging me for a baby brother. Begging. And, despite the fact that The Man was married to someone else at the time, The Kid had nominated him for the role of daddy.

Four months ago, with The Kid still adjusting to the recent addition of The Man to our household, he was less than thrilled at the announcement that a baby was, in fact, on the way. He wasn't dead set against the idea, but he was not at all enthusiastic. And the idea that it might be a girl nearly made him cringe.

His outlook improved with time. As my belly began to grow he moved from poking at it uncertainly to patting it affectionately. He has since started standing in the future nursery with me, surveying the space and making suggestions. He has even begun pointedly calling the baby "him or her."

But there's no doubt he's still been diligently wishing nightly for a boy. And I, with no personal preference for a boy or a girl, have quietly been hoping I would have the chance to grant that wish.

And this morning when he walked in the front door still groggy from an overnight stay with his dad, I did just that.

We are having a boy! And The Man is daddy, just as The Kid insisted those many years ago. It's going to be tricky growing up with a prophet for an older brother.

(Boy bits not shown, but trust me: they're there.)


MindyMom said...

Awesome! I love it. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm glad The Kid is excited about The Boy!! Very happy for you!

Laura said...

Congratulations! That is awesome!

T said...

My oldest daughter actually told me I was pregnant with her baby sister before I even missed my first period. A week later, sure enough I was preggers. And a few months later, wouldn't you know it, right again! It was a girl.

I still think they chose each other before they chose me.


That One Mom said...

Very exciting!

Alison said...

congrats on the baby boy!!! and hip hip hooray for you little man getting his wish

Dual Mom said...

Congrats on the boy!

Now I must go see if I can find a post about you and the Man in your archives because my curiousity is piqued!

Martini Mom said...

Thanks for the congratulations, everyone!

@Dual Mom: There's actually not a whole lot on the blog about the beginnings of my relationship with The Man. It was rough, and I saved most of that writing for my personal journal. But you can find some of it by reading through the posts labeled "The Man" ( The most concise tale of our beginnings is here:


Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...


As a mother of 3 boys myself, I can highly recommend a household of blokes! Even though The Kid would have loved his little sister, with similar interests etc, it will make it all the more smoother. I'm sure!

Cat said...


Single Mom Seeking said...

Ah, I'm all mushy inside!! What a sweet profile!!

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