Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In (early) honor of Earth Day

Tomorrow (April 22nd) is Earth Day 2010. Timely, then, is the whale that died on Arroyo Beach in West Seattle last week, serving as a sadly potent reminder of why we need to be more conscious of our effects on the world around us.

The whale, a young male, was found to have a surprising amount of garbage in his stomach. While his unfortunate industrial eating habits are not what scientists believe killed him (that's still under investigation), it is undoubtedly a sad day when a whale is discovered to have plastic bags, surgical gloves, and sweat pants in his belly.

The news prompted me to write a bit of an Earth Day rant at Green Legume. Please check it out. (I promise I won't cross-market my own blogs very often, but this post seems worth it.)

In somewhat related-ish news, PBS airs Food, Inc. today. If you haven't yet watched it, you ought to. Equally good but not as well known is This American Life's (the TV version) story on pork production. It's from Season One, Episode 6: Pandora's Box, Act One: In Iowa, No One can Hear You Squeal. I'm pretty sure you can Netflix it.

Happy almost Earth Day, everyone! May we all take the time to stop and think tomorrow. And maybe, just maybe, make a commitment to change some of our habits. Pretty please? The whales will thank you.

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Smiling, Beguiling said...

The Arroyos gray whale death, and the Sea Lion at Golden Gardens last week, and the four OTHER gray whales that have beached in Puget Sound waters in the past month... we are NOT taking care of our oceans, that's for sure.

Thanks for reminding me (us) that it takes a whole damn big a$s village to take care of Mother Earth. And we should. We really should.

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