Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Shakin' it off, movin' on, and takin' polls

The last few months have been difficult, to say the least. There's been the morning sickness and utter exhaustion of pregnancy, the dog (which I promise to stop whining about now), and, I dunno, stuff. Undefinable stuff bogging me down.

But now it's time to shake off the last few months and get back to real life; time to DO something.

Luckily, there's plenty to do. With a baby on the way we don't have room for, there are a lot of changes/updates/renovations planned for around the house. Nesting overdrive.

But what I'm really excited about are our plans to get all eco fabulous. This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time but I just haven't felt like I've had the time. Sure, I recycle and compost, but that's easy when the city provides the service. And I always try to do those small daily things that create less waste. But I know it's not enough; I know I could be doing more and consuming less.

To that end, The Man and I have staked out a section of the back yard for a vegetable garden and supplies are being purchased (in a bit of a frenzy, I might add, so we don't miss the spring season). I've also set up a monthly lesson with my mom, who has graciously agreed to teach me to sew... again. (Honestly, it's not the actual sewing I have the most difficulty with, it's threading the frickin-frackin machine!) And I have several pieces of furniture stored in the basement that are begging to be made over for a second life. And so on and so on. Really, I have so many plans surrounding this idea, I couldn't begin to list them all here.

Which brings me to my point. Would anyone be interested in reading about our eco adventures? I know there are plenty of websites and blogs dedicated to exactly this sort of thing, but I've found that most of them are written by people who know what they're talking about. And that's great because experts sharing their knowledge with the masses is a beautiful thing. But I'm more interested in documenting the path of a family who doesn't know what they're doing; a group of relative novices trying to buy local and organic, sew, garden, can, and upcycle their way to a smaller footprint. Our failures and success, all documented in one happy blog.

So I'm curious. Quick show of hands: who of you out there would be interested in reading about our eco projects and experiments? I'll include pictures and how-tos for anything that works according to plan. I'll even include pictures and give you permission to laugh heartily at everything that fails miserably. Yay or nay?


Restless Mama said...

I'd be down to read it.

Good luck lady!

Sarahf said...

Definite Yay from over here!

Alison said...

HOw odd that you posted this today....I am trying to do the same. I would LOVE to hear about your adventures....maybe I can learn how to improve my own adventures.

MindyMom said...

*Raising my hand*

I am not the best at being green so I would consider tips and how-to's very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I love the *idea* of planting a garden, though I am terrible at the maintenance part. I look forward to reading more!

Sunny said...

*waves hand* me! me! I would love to hear about your adventures! I'm trying to find new ways to be greener in my life and haven't been successful. I need some inspiring stories and ideas.

lizzie said...


adrienzgirl said...

I am so game! Sometimes it's hard to follow the experts because they forget the rest of us, HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

I know it might seem like common sense, but break it down for me...think kindergarten novice.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I would love to hear about this adventure! I'm trying to figure out if i can do it in a small apartment with no garden, but a balcony in North Vancouver. This will be interesting...I think if i try to grow anything it will be icicles!

Nicki said...

Count me in!

turtle said...

Me, me!

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