Monday, January 25, 2010

Mission accomplished

Friday night The Man and I went out to dinner. I'd waited way too long to eat and was feeling incredibly nauseous. We were seated, for some reason, at a table in the bar area and as I sat, head hung low in my my cradling arms, I noticed a tiny drawer in the side of the table.

This is probably a good time to tell you that I love tiny drawers! Also tiny boxes. I don't know why, and really, who cares? Tiny containers of any sort are awesome, and I instantly felt a little bit less nauseous.

I looked up and grinned at The Man. "There's a drawer in my table." I reached forward to see if it would open. Easily, it slid forward. "And in it..." I began.

The first thing I saw was a pair of nail clippers. A tiny pair, like a well-prepared woman might carry in her purse to eradicate the first hint of a snag or a torn cuticle or, god forbid, a broken nail. Next was a paperback, which I picked up and then quickly replaced. It was sticky. And If I've learned one thing from living with an older step-brother, one should not touch other people's sticky books. A plethora of business cards filled the back of the drawer, along with an unidentifiable odor that threatened to bring my nausea back in full force.

I shut the drawer, enamored. Despite the sticky book and strange scent, I still love tiny drawers. And tiny drawers full of random things from random people are even better. Like a secret little treasure chest.

The Man investigated his own side of the table and uncovered another drawer. His contained, I think, another book and some business cards, but also some notes. One said, "I have nothing to offer the drawer but a note. Here it is. The note." It was decorated with a smiley face. Another said, "I love Oscar. And breakfast!" Or something like that. I'm not sure the name was Oscar, but the meal was definitely breakfast.

"I'm going to need a pen and a piece of paper before we leave," I announced.

And that's how my first Mondo Beyondo secret mission (leave a hope note for someone to find) was accomplished. I can't (or won't) tell you what my note said, but I hope you find one - or leave one - of your own someday. Hidden treasure, even in the form of a sticky paperback shoved in a smelly drawer, is awesome.


adrienzgirl said...

A special note for an unsuspecting yet curious stranger. That is awesome.

Nicki said...

I love this. I was hoping to read that you had left something behind. It's too perfect. Now I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for that same opportunity to present itself. Living vicariously through you...

BigSis said...

I like tiny drawers too, especially when they are "junk drawers."

And, the advice " And If I've learned one thing from living with an older step-brother, one should not touch other people's sticky books. " is priceless!

Not a soccer mom said...

I love hidden anything! Disneys Candleshoe is one of my all time favorites. been searching my whole life for a treasure like you just found.
thank you for sharing the fun

T said...

That just gave me chills.

What a great idea!

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