Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Year in Review: Best Trip

In April I boarded a plane and headed to Dallas... again.

I don't like Dallas (no offense to all my Dallas readers, of which there are an unexplainably large number). I don't like its huge parking lots. I don't like its sprawl. I don't like its prolific broadcasting of Fox News. But mostly, I don't like that it stole The Man for nearly two years.


I don't like Dallas.

But in Dallas I hold The Man's hand.

In Dallas we take our meals at "our" restaurant.

In Dallas I fall asleep in his arms.

In Dallas we luxuriate in our morning afterglow and pass a shared coffee mug between us.

And there I was... again. And I was happy.

In Dallas.

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Gwen Bell


Nicki said...

Thanks for introducing me to Gwen Bell. (Hey, it's not just that I live under a rock, I'm also new to this whole blogging thing.) And I'm glad I didn't jump right in. I need to choose my dates wisely. I don't want to reflect on my last year with Sam any more than I have to.

So glad you and The Man are doing well.

adrienzgirl said...

You are posting with such regularity I can't stand it! Woo Hoo!! :D

I hate Dallas too!

TimetoDateAgain.com said...

Ah, to be in love. It really doesn't matter where you are--all that matters is who you're with. ;-)

T said...

OK. Next time you're in Dallas (cause I know you wanna come back), you'd better let me know!


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