Sunday, December 27, 2009

Product Review: my very own bro bag

Every so often, I get contacted with an offer to do a product review. Usually, the product in question is a vibrator. I guess I just seem like the type. But some of my coworkers occasionally read my blog, and they're good, wholesome boys (so good, in fact, that one of them once mistook a vibrator for a cigar case), and I just don't think they could handle it. And my brother reads sometimes too. Good god, imagine what it would do to him.

So I've always politely declined.

But recently I was offered a lunch tote to review*, and it just doesn't get more wholesome than that. The offer was from Simply bags, a company that sells personalized tote bags and lunch bags, and - from the looks of it - any kind of bag you might want to slap a monogram on. It appears that monogramming is kind of their thing, and my lunch bag was no exception. But here's the thing: I don't really do monogramming. I don't understand the need to label my stuff with my initials.

But I'm all for absurdity.

And that's how I ended up with an insulated zebra print lunch tote emblazoned with the initials B.R.O. in red stitching across the front. I call it my bro bag.

So, let's start with the obvious: the zebra print. Not really my style. However, despite what I'd like to believe, my personal tastes do not dictate whether or not a particular item will have mass appeal. If they did, Dave Matthews would certainly not have a career. But I digress. Where was I?


Not digging the zebra print. And, not to be persnickety, but the white part of the zebra is really more of a light gray, like the black part of the zebra got wet and bled onto it a little. Also, the fabric is stiff and not at all enjoyable to rub your hand over. But it's water resistant, so maybe that's to be expected.

On the plus side, the insulation totally works. I packed my lunch in the morning and didn't put it in the fridge when I got to work. Whoa! I know. Living on the edge, right? But all of my chilled items were still chilled at lunch time. Which, I've gotta admit, is pretty sweet because I'm a forgetful sort and don't always remember to put my lunch in the fridge upon arrival at the office. I've thrown away a lot of warm yogurt.

Also, the bag is large enough to carry a goodly amount of food stuffs to and from work. I'm the kind of girl who's way more likely to throw in the whole box of crackers rather than take the time to pack individual servings. The bag can accommodate a reasonable amount of my laziness, and for that it earns extra credit. (On the flip side, I noticed that when I did manage to pack individual servings, the bag's roominess became a bit of a liability. And I don't like squashed grapes.) I'm also the kind of girl who knocks things over, so I appreciated the bag's zipper closure.

Honestly, despite out stylistic differences, the bag does offer some utility so I imagine I'll keep using it. And, though I've given it a bit of a hard time on some points, it sells for a mere $19.99, which probably excuses it from being enjoyable to rub your hand over.

*The FTC would like me to make sure you understand that by "offer" I mean that I received my bro bag free of charge.

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Momma Sunshine said...

Totally digging the zebra look. But I'm the kinda gal who likes to flirt with animal prints from time to time. ;-)

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