Monday, December 07, 2009

Etsy lust

My holiday shopping began in earnest last weekend when I visited most of the West Seattle shops in an effort to keep my cash as local as possible. This weekend I hit up Etsy. Not necessarily local, but homemade. I found a few perfect gifts for my loved ones but, as usual, most of what I found ended up on my Christmas list.

Go ahead, feast your eyes one this sample. (But don't buy any of it. Unless you're buying it for me, in which case let me give you my address...)

Heidianne Scarf - Pumpkin Pie by Efiafair
. Given how much I hate pumpkin pie in my mouth, you wouldn't think I'd want it wrapped around my neck. But I do. Oh, how I do. The best part? It can go from this:

to this:

How excited are you?!

Ginger Spice - Hemp Satin Solid Perfume by HempBath
. Ginger, Caraway Seed, Cinnamon, with Cardamom and Vanilla. I might eat it.

Honey Jasmine Natural Perfume by SpaGoddess. I've been coveting this forever, which is maybe a little silly since it's only $14.

Classic Lucky Koi Black V-Neck by Ahpeele. I've been kind of obsessed with koi since that spring day in a Fort Worth Japanese garden with The Man. It was a good day.

Crochet Flapper Hat by divelladelights
. I'm a sucker for anything with a well-placed flower.

Here's another one (Cocoa Rose Cream Pearl Necklace by luxedeluxe):

And yet another (Strawberry Fields Forever by HaroldandJane):

Pandemonium Purple Slate Freshwater Pearls by CheekyLemur. I love this one because, hello, it's gorgeous. And also because I found it while searching for a lemur-themed gift for my mom.

Waiting for the Phone to Ring by TinaTarnoff. I have nothing to say about this one. I just like it.

Birds and Trees by EarthArt. I really, really, really need to move past my bird obsession. But until then:

Or maybe this one (Bird on a Wire, also from EarthArt):

Bellas Moonstone Ring by Illuminating Design. I love everything about this ring except that it was inspired by Twilight. Ew.

Camille Neck Cuff by EfiaFair. How much do you love this? How much do you want to wrap it around your neck atop your beautifully overpriced Anthropologie blouse? Yeah. Me too.

Reclaimed Marble Garden Ball by TaDahpdx. As soon as I have an extra $150 laying around, I will have this in my garden. As soon as I have a garden.

Hot Chocolate - Smoky Topaz Quartz Sterling Silver Ring by lushboutique. Hello, lover. Actually, lover, you're probably too big for me at 6.5 because I have crazy small fingers. But I'd gain wait for you, lover. I surely would.

Autumn Stacking Rings by TreAnneli. I love stacking rings, but I generally suck at coordinating. Sets like this save my life.

Pet Octo by SeaUnicorn. I didn't even know I wanted a pet octopus until I saw this.

Purple Rain Skirt by Ahpeele. I need more casual skirts that are easy to coordinate with bright tights. And Prince. Everyone needs a little more Prince.

The Beekeeper Locket by theblackapple. I've recently developed a bit of a thing for bees. And lockets. So, naturally...

Here's hoping none of these sell before January, so I can scoop them up for myself. At least the scarves. And the hat. And the scents. And maybe the purple bobble ring. And...


Amy said...

way cool stuff!!! yum!

MindyMom said...

Nice picks! Especially that topaz ring. Lover. Mmmhmm.

adrienzgirl said...

All of those things just scream you don't they. You have an upscale hippie chic aura!

Martini Mom said...

It's true. The Man calls me a bobo (bourgeois bohemian).

Nicki said...

Okay, i was totally with you until 'Waiting for the Phone to Ring.' Then I was searching the sky for flying monkeys. Oh, and I'd totally have to wrestle you over the fantastic hat.

turtle said...

I went right over to HempBath *just to look* but ended up buying her Dirty Hippie soap trio for a perfect Christmas present. HOW AWESOME.

Lyndsey Gange said...

I am a complete Etsy addict! Almost everything I buy is from that store, including my wedding rings! I have not been disappointed in one purchase yet! Their prices are going up though. It used to be ridiculously cheap. But, I figure, artists deserve it, Target does not! :)

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