Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You're welcome, Apple

Brmmmmm. Brmmmmm. Brmmmmm. I look over to see The Boss's phone vibrating on his desk.

"Brmmmmm, Brmmmmm, Brmmmmm," I answer back. Because I do that. I have a habit of responding to inanimate objects.

And then, remembering, I twirled excitedly in my chair to face the designers behind me. "Oooh! Have I told you guys about my idea for an updated Sesame Street skit?!"

The designers turn to look at me, all except the middle one who doesn't hear a word you say unless you begin your sentence with his name, with cautiously amused smiles on their faces. Even the new guy has learned to expect most of what I say to be utter nonsense. Especially if I start with "Oooh!"

"Okay! Remember the Yip Yips? It's them. When they meet the phone. Except everyone has cell phones now. So this time around they'd just be saying 'Brmmmmm. Brmmmmm. Brmmmmm.' at the vibrating phone!"

Perhaps it was my infectious enthusiasm that won them over, but they were excited as well. So excited, in fact, that they took the idea and ran with it.

"You know," said one, "that would be an excellent commercial for an iPhone."

"Yeah!" exclaimed the other. "An all white background with just the iPhone sitting there. And then the Yip Yips come sliding in."

"Yes! And they just stare at it while it buzzes!"

Genius indeed. Happy birthday, Sesame Street. And you're welcome, Apple.


adrienzgirl said...

I love the Yip Yips. I totally would have been stoked about your idea. Sesame Street so rocked my four year old world.

Nicki said...

Okay, the more I read you, the more convinced I am that if you didn't live on the other coast, we'd be partners in crime. ;)

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