Sunday, November 15, 2009

Your own personal legend

Not long ago, a coworker was reading some Wikipedia article about someone important, and was relaying the tale of how this very important someone lay dying on the battlefield and handed some other, slightly less important, soldier his water canteen. That's what that dude's remembered for. And while, sure, handing over a valuable resource to someone who needs it more than you is admiral, I'm willing to bet that of all the things that guy had accomplished in his life, handing someone a refreshing cocktail was not at the top is his proudest moments.

Furthermore, with the way historical accuracy and legends tend to work together, the guy was probably already dead when some other soldier walked by and "borrowed" his canteen.

But that's what he's remembered for.

So I started thinking about what I'd want my (accurate or not) legend to be. What would I want Wikipedia to say about me? I hope it's something ridiculously absurd and nonsensical. Oh, I hope, I hope!

I asked a coworker what his legend would be as I struggled to formulate my own. Of course, first he matter-of-factly informed me that you can't write your own legend. (Thanks, dude. But if you could...) And then he surprised me by coming up with this gem:

He would like to stop a grocery store robbery by pegging the crook in the head with a piece of produce, knocking him out cold.

Ta da! Awesome, no? Here's hoping my great-grandchildren will be googling "kumquat vigilante" and finding a picture of my silly coworker.

So now you. If you could decide what people would be saying about you decades - centuries, even - after your death, what would it be? Not in a eulogy sort of way, but in a tall tale sort of way. Some bit of your life that gets incredibly exaggerated or, better yet, is completely and utterly false.

If you could write your own personal legend, what would it be?

Also, I hope reading this post got this song as stuck in your head. Because if I'm suffering through Depeche Mode, you should be too.

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ChickenFreak said...

My fried chicken should be legendary. Not, y'know, KFC legendary and dumbed down to a giant fried-chicken franchise. But legendary legendary, so that crowds of people drifted helplessly in my wake, drawn by the irresistible smell coming from my frying clothes, like they followed the guy in Perfume, except I wouldn't...well, OK, I shoudn't do spoilers for Perfume.

Chicken. It would be about chicken.

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