Thursday, November 26, 2009


Some people grew up with football on Thanksgiving. I grew up with Alice's Restaurant. My dad had it on vinyl and would pull it out every year to play it. If we were traveling for the holiday, he knew which radio stations would be playing it at noon and we'd listen to it fade in and out as we sped down the freeway. And everyone had to be quiet for the nearly 20 minutes of the song so my dad could hear his favorite parts.

Dad's gone, but I still listen to it every year. Except I have it on CD. And I allow people to speak.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Jodie Ansted said...

I love traditions, because later on, they remind us of special times shared. Just like this CD reminds you of your Dad.


Hope you had a nice thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

I'm with your ad. No talking during Alice's restaurant.

BigLittleWolf said...

Lovely to have traditions. (Alice's Restaurant. Made me smile.)

I wonder sometimes, which traditions my sons will remember as adults. Children of divorce experience such a mish-mash.

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