Saturday, November 07, 2009

Three reasons I need this martini

1. I spent an 30 minutes this morning standing in the rain while my son ran around attempting to play soccer in a mud bog. And then the wind picked up. And then it started hailing. And then I spent another 30 minutes standing in the rainy hail wind while my son ran around attempting to play soccer in a mud bog while crying his eyes out.

2. We scarfed down our dinner, sped downtown, ran through the city streets towards the cinema, purchased tickets to Where the Wild Things Are, escalated three stories to the appropriate theater... and then were told that the theater was full.

3. Plan B: movie night at home... and I scorched the last bag of microwave popcorn.


Nicki said...

No, that should be the reason you need THREE martinis. I feel your pain! (And don't beat yourself up about the popcorn, I almost always burn mine.)
For reasons I will never understand, I can bake a souffle, but burn microwave popcorn. It's a gift.

adrienzgirl said...

Why the hell can't every brand of microwave popcorn cook at the same effin temp/time? I burn a bag at least once every new box we buy.

Drink a dirty one for me babe!

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