Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Thing Quarterly

I told you about my awesome tshirt subscription here and here. But have I told you about my Thing subscription?

About a year ago, I posted about wanting a subscription to The Thing Quarterly. The Thing Quarterly is like any other quarterly, except instead of a bunch of boring old pieces of paper covered in words and stapled together, it's an everyday object that incorporates text, created by an artist, musician, writer, or film maker.

Naturally, I wanted it.

The Man saw my post, and signed me up last Christmas because he's attentive and awesome like that (he's also the one responsible for the tshirt subscription).

My first issue was an blank book, titled Problems and Promises, with a shoe attached to it. That's right. A shoe.

Naturally, I loved it (except that the shoe reeked of cheap plastic and glue).

Try sitting in a cafe writing in a journal with a shoe dangling from it, and note the strange glances you get. It's pretty freaking awesome.

*Photo taken from Problems and Promises created by Allora & Calzadilla.

My next issue was a chaldron optical system: a pair of black glasses with the words "Will you know a chaldron when you see one?" inscribed on one arm and "With these glasses you will know a true one," on the other.

They came in a lovely blue and deep red case, which also held these twelve statements about chaldrons:
  1. A chaldron is an impossible object.
  2. A chaldron is treasure from the future.
  3. A chaldron is lit from within.
  4. A chaldron speaks of the possibility of another world.
  5. It is impossible to win an auction for a chaldron on eBay.
  6. An encounter with a chaldron can be catastrophic.
  7. The price of chaldrons is skyrocketing.
  8. The chaldron bubble has not burst.
  9. A chaldron is like an opera puring from a flea's mouth.
  10. A chaldron is like an altarpiece bigger than the museum which contains it.
  11. Some people, upon first glimpsing a chaldron, remove their clothes.
  12. it is better to have seen and lost a chaldron than never to have seen a chaldron at all.
Naturally, I loved it.

*Photo taken (again) from Chaldron Optical System created by Jonathan Lethem, with desgin and manufacturaing collaboration from Project Selima & Matt.

Issue 8 just recently arrived and, naturally, I love it too. (But I'll wait to tell you about it until a professional photo of it is published - my lame photography skills will not do it justice).

The subscription is definitely not for everyone, but if you love weird artsy shit delivered to your door...

Naturally, you'll love it.


adrienzgirl said...

OMG, I love the little black book with the shoe. I would take it to Starbucks, like everyday and just write shit about the looks people were giving me because of the freakin' shoe. It would amuse me to no end. People would start to stare not because of the shoe but because of the hysterical laughing I would be doing at them. Aren't the best jokes the ones nobody but you get?

THE THING said...

Hi There,

Thanks for your positive feedback about THE THING. It is so nice to hear. We are so glad that you like your issues. Your post just made my night.


Nicki said...

Who doesn't love weird artsy shit? My problem is I now live in a place half the size of my old place...also half the price tag...hmmm. So, I live vicariously through you.

Thank you!

T said...

Love this! I too would love the journal with the shoe. What a cool idea. Weird artsy shit rocks.

Restless Mama said...

Okay so I'm not sure why we're not best friends because this is awesome!!!! I'm going to subscribe right now.

melissa said...

Awesome. Naturally.

Juggle Jane said...

Whoa! This is the perfect gift for my super-hard-to-shop-for friend. Awesome sauce!!

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