Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Into the great Mondo Beyondo

I've done it. Jumped in. Taken the plunge. Bitten the bullet. Fondled the turkey. You get the idea.

I have no idea what "fondled the turkey" means. I just made it up on the spot. Thought it had a nice ring to it. But how great would it be if that were a legitimate and oft used idiom meaning "I'm really going for it, dude!"?

Am I right?

Right. I must stop writing posts so late at night.


I've signed myself up for Mondo Beyondo, an online class for dreaming big. I first heard of Mondo Beyondo when the one and only Maggie Mason gave the class a shout out on her blog. And since I covet pretty much everything she posts on MightyGoods, MightyHaus, and MightyJunior, I figure there's a pretty good chance she's not steering me wrong on this one.

The woman's got taste is what I'm saying.

Also? There are assignments. And worksheets. And challenges and dares. Challenges and dares that are assigned. And worksheets! Do you remember my school days? Because I do. I was an AP class, honor roll, Dean's list, double major, cum laude whore! Assignments get me hawt. Wanna see real fireworks? Tell me I'll be graded on it. Rawr.

And? AND! There will be journaling exercises, and holy crap if I don't get off on vomiting gibberish all over the innards of a fine leather journal.

Here's the tricky part, though: I'm not the self-help, daily affirmation, visualize your dreams kind of person. At all. Bleh. I'm way too practical for all that. Which is why I've been dubbed "The Nay Sayer" at the office; why The Ex used to call me "dream-stomper."

He was only joking, though.

At first.


My point is: I'm very good at pointing out all the reasons dreams won't work. I'm very pragmatic that way. Endearing, I'm sure. But while this trait serves me well in my work life (somebody's gotta keep those designerly types grounded), it hinders me in my personal life.

It's no good when you stifle yourself.

And I'm feeling on the verge. Of what, I don't know. A new project. A new venture. Something big. Something different. Just something. But I'm pretty sure it's going to be great, whatever it is, if only I can let myself go there.

I'm hoping Mondo Beyondo will help me learn to do just that: dream big and then let myself actually go there. (I'm also hoping they'll consider a name change, because Mondo Beyondo is just dumb.) And if it's all a colossal failure, I'm only out $99 and one fine leather journal.

Session begins January 11, for anyone who might want to join me.


Nicki said...

Hmmmm. You had me breathing all hot and heavy there with the journal. It's very tempting.
And I have to tell you...I understand the whole feeling on the verge bit. That's where I am at the moment. And like you, instead of waiting these days...I'm taking action. And I'm doing it with my eyes wide open in anticipation.
Good things are coming. Big important things that are going to change the course of my life. So ready to embrace these changes.
Best of luck with Mondo Beyondo. Maybe I'll 'see' you there.

MindyMom said...

Sounds awesome! I wish I had the time to do something like that or any number of the "other things" I'd like to do for myself.

In the meantime I am going to make it my mission fit "fondling the turkey" into my conversations daily. Love it!

T said...

Wow. I LOVE this idea for many of the reasons you listed.

I'm curious to hear all about it! Have fun fondling the turkey. We should all do more fondling if you ask me!


adrienzgirl said...

I totally love this idea. Perhaps I'll join.

Juggle Jane said...

Did you say "worksheets"? ::eyes widen::

Sign me up!

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