Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The Man and I went out for dinner before I drove him to the airport. His only request was that we select something not potentially upsetting, because who wants to deal with intestinal problems on a plane.

I scoffed internally a bit. Is his stomach really that sensitive?

But our meal was not a good one. Halfway through my plate of food, I let out a disgusted grunt. The Man agreed with my sentiment and pushed his plate away. He was, he proclaimed, "drawing the line."

But I just laughed and kept eating (I was really hungry, okay?). "I'm not getting on a plane," I bragged. "I can throw up later."

Guess who shouldn't have so jauntily tempted fate... Ugh. I hope The Man is faring better.

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Nicki said...

So sorry to hear you're not feeling well. And I know how you were looking forward to some down time and some wine. (Or was it some wine and some down time...)

Feel better. If it's any consolation...I'm not getting my down time either. LOOOONG story that I'll turn into a post after I have completed the entire holiday to see what happens.

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