Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Martini Mom as PTA Mom

I stand before you a 3rd-year PTA mom.

PTA mom? Ew. It sounds so domestic. So white picket fence-y. So French manicured. So... not me.

Of course, I've been going to PTA meetings for 3 years. I know from experience that the moms do not fit any particular stereotype. Some of the moms are the domestic, white picket fence-y, French manicured type. Some of the moms are not. Some of the moms are dudes and prefer to be referred to as "dads."

Still "PTA mom" makes me shudder a little. It's right up there with "soccer mom" on the list of things I don't want to be called. (And my son even plays soccer.)

Despite all this, I am a mother who cares about her son's education. And so, I fill out the PTA form every year and pay my dues and do my best to get to the meetings and maybe even find an opportunity to volunteer here and there. It's an endeavor that's proven rather difficult in the past as a working single mom, since most volunteering involves either taking a day off or trying to find a sitter.

But this year I'm not quite a single mom anymore. And this year, I'm not just a PTA mom.

This time around, I'm a PTA mom with an official role on an official committee. And it's a meaty committee too, one that will involve community surveys and grant writing and fundraising and has a two-year (at best) completion plan. Our first meeting was last night and I left feeling invigorated.

I don't bake, my white picket fence is painted red and mostly rotted, and it's been years since I last had a manicure, French or otherwise. But I do genuinely enjoy actively participating in my son's education.

So go ahead, call me a PTA mom. I'll get over it.


adrienzgirl said...

Does a PTA mom take her martini shaken or stirred?

Me, I don't care as long as it's neat! :P

Jodie Ansted said...

Good for you MM! I'm a "PTA" Mum too (although we call it a P&F here in Sydney at my sons' school - Parents & Friends...awwww). I took on a role late last year and I've enjoyed using the side of my brain that lay stagnant for so long after I became a FT Mum. I also write in the school's weekly newsletter, which is what led me to blogging. Who would have guessed such a role at school would have me doing something this fun?? Enjoy. And may The Kid, and you, reap the rewards!

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

Good for you for taking an active role in your son's education.

T said...


I used to be very active until I became a single mom with a full time job. I see the forms and I... well.. I see the forms.

I'm glad you're able to ramp up your involvement. You sound very happy about that!

BigLittleWolf said...

I was, for years, very involved - mostly in volunteering in the classroom, around my work schedule. But I absolutely loathed the PTA mom moniker.

I think "parent volunteers" would work so much better...

It's important to help though. Involvement in our kids' schools and schooling is the only way to keep public schools working, and delivering. Any schools, really. Yes, you deserve your martini. No question.

Alison said...

I think it is great and you have stuck in there and are now making a real difference. I on the other hand volunteer at my kids school just so I can keep a close eye on the monsters....I mean what better torture is there than having mom hug you and spit comb your hair in front of the entire 4th grade?

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