Thursday, October 29, 2009

How great ideas are born

Last night The Man and I laid in bed tangled in each other's arms, engaged in romantic, sexy pillow talk. Or, he listened while I spoke aloud my mental Halloween to-do list. Same thing.

Me: "I have to get green face paint. And some clothes. Otherwise I'll be a naked Yoda."

The Man: "But you have that cloak. I thought you'd just wear some clothes under the cloak."

Me: "Yeah, but they have to be Yoda-esque."

The Man: "Oh. I thought the cloak closed. Does it not?"

Me: "No. I mean, it could. But I'd have to tie it closed. And then I'd just look like Yoda in a bathrobe."

The Man: "Like Yoda Heffner."

Me: "Yes. Exactly."

The Man: [affecting a suave Yoda voice] "Why, yes. Thank you. I will have another martini."

I laughed, imagining the confusion I'd cause if I was walking around dressed as Yoda, but carrying a martini instead of a light saber... and wearing a bathrobe. And then I decided it was brilliant. Yoda on his day off.

Me: "Actually, that would be kind of awesome. We should have a themed Halloween party, where everyone dresses up in a bizarre mixture of characters."

The Man: "I think that falls into the standard 'take a regular costume and turn it slutty' category. Slutty Yoda. Slutty balloon boy."

More laughter ensued, along with a moment of reflection while I pondered whether it's too late to ditch my Yoda costume in favor of slutty balloon boy. Deciding balloon boy would require more effort that borrowing my son's existing costume, I returned to imagining Yoda as a ladies' man. Or ladies' jedi. Whatever.

Me: "It'd be great. Like Yoda in his college days."

The Man: "What would that be? Yoda in a half shirt?"

Me: "And short shorts."

The Man: "And roller skates. Yes! Roller Yoda!"

We chuckled at our cleverness. And then, the epiphany:

The Man: "Someone needs to do a production of Star Wars on roller skates."


adrienzgirl said...


Roller derby yoda! Awesome!

Alison said...

College Yoda....he needs a beer bong!!!

T said...

Ha ha ha ha! That's freakin' hilarious! Roller Yoda! I wanna see Yoda after a few tokes...

"Stoned I am."

Single Mom Seeking said...

Ah, this Man is so sweet! I love how he tried to help you figure this all out -- and keep you smiling along the way. I so get it....

That One Mom said...

Star Wars on roller skates? That is an epiphany!!

Dann said...

I imagine that using the Force would make keg stands a whole lot easier.

Anonymous said...

yoda heffner...giggle...

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