Thursday, September 17, 2009

Out of context

I could fill in the context for you (we began by talking about a Flip), but it wouldn't make this conversation any less absurd.

Baby Designer: You were right, Martini Mom.

Martini Mom: I'm fancy!

Young Designer: If you were a hamster, you'd be a fancy hamster.

Martini Mom: Yeah!

Baby Designer: Wait. What?

Young Designer: I said "If you were a hamster, you'd be a fancy hamster."

Baby Designer: I'm a fancy hamster?

Martini Mom: I'M the fancy hamster. You can't have my hamster! You get genius, I get hamster.

Baby Designer: Why are you a fancy hamster?

Young Designer: Because she's MARTINI MOM! Do you really think if she was a hamster, she'd be a plain old regular hamster?


[much laughter from Martini Mom and Young Designer...]

Baby Designer: Oh! Because you have a light saber?


Because, really? Is there anything fancier than a hamster with a light saber?

Photo taken from here.

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