Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm working (very, very slowly) on a few real posts. In the meantime, a few nibblets from our day.


My son is nearing the ability to best me at snark. Behold:

"Ah!" (As orange juice splashes down my wrist.) "You didn't screw the lid all the way back on the oj!"

"Um, Mom?"

"What?" (Hardly paying attention as I mop up the spill.)

"Weren't you just yelling at me for drinking the expensive juice boxes instead of the regular juice?"


"So when there's a mess to clean up, why do you suddenly think I'm drinking from the jug?"


"Somebody didn't screw the lid back on right, but it wasn't me."


"That's your own mess you're cleaning up."


"Take that, old woman!"


People at the pharmacy can raise their eyebrows really high when they discover you're filling a prescription for your dog. The eyebrows go impossibly higher when you insist on brand name (vet's orders) over generic. Yes. I am about to spend $150 to fill a prescription for my dog (on top of the medication she's already on). But trust me, Mr. Pharmacist, if you could see my dog's rump, you'd understand why this is necessary.


We went to Bakery Nouveau for lunch. The Kid loves their pizza and I love everything else. Nearing the cash registers, I overheard the woman in front of me wondering if she could write a check instead. Turns out, their computers were down. No debit.


We'd specifically walked past The Kid's first choice for lunch because that place only takes cash. Bakery Nouveau was selected, in large part, specifically for its debit accepting abilities. And I don't carry a check book. I don't even know where my check book is anymore.

Double shit.

But the nice man behind the counter offered to run a tab for us, only asking that we come back sometime before the end of the week to pay up. He did the same for a number of customers behind us (because it was only the older ladies who were able to procure check books from the depths of their ancient purses), and even gave some people deep discounts so that the total order amounted to however much cash they happened to be carrying.

It was an interesting spectacle to watch people (myself included) sputter and try to figure out how to pay for something without the use of a piece of plastic. Overdependent a bit?


Walking back to the car a number of errands later, we were stopped by a young man with a clipboard who wanted to talk to us about gay rights. I suspected a request for money would be involved and I don't have any, but we stopped just in case he was collecting signatures or something.

He wasn't. But we had a nice talk with him about hate crime laws. Very uplifting.

Walking away, The Kid asked what the guy had been talking about. He has a vague understanding of what it means to be gay, but very little understanding of the concept of prejudice or discrimination because, god bless him, that makes no sense.

After a brief (and age appropriate) explanation of homosexuality, we had this conversation:

"So, wait. That guy was gay?"

"I believe so."

"And some people don't like him?"

"Um... some people don't like that he dates and falls in love with other men, instead of women."

"Why do they care who he dates?"

"That is an excellent question and, really, I have no idea. Some people just think it's wrong. Some people think God thinks it's wrong."

"I don't think God would have a problem with that guy. He seemed nice."


"And I'm pretty sure God wouldn't be very happy about people hating him just because of who he dates."

"Can I get an 'hallelujah'?"


"My job here is done."


The dog keeps curling up in the fireplace. There's either a cool draft wafting down the chimney, or she is politely requesting to be put out of her misery.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how you could top this post. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dannaramma! I especially love the last nibblet about the dog wanting to be put out of its misery - ROFLMAO! Your kid is so genuine and innocent - I hope he stays that way for as long as possible - good job Momma!

MindyMom said...

Yep, I agree. If only "other" people's minds could see things as simply and reasonably as your kiddo does...

T said...

Yeah. Wisdom. Out of the mouths of babes.

Poor doggy...

Bobbi Janay said...

It probably has a cold draft.

I love the innocence of children, why do we as adult lose that little piece.

Single Mom Survives said...

You are just so charming in every way I adore you. I'm also now wondering since I never carry cash, or write checks anymore, why the hell I lug my big ass checkbook in my purse. Taking it out now. Thank you for that community service reminder. And the gay rights/god/discrimination convo - oh my I just want to hug that kid of yours. This was an awesome post.

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