Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend update

I had to hole up this weekend. There's been too much going on for too long, and I needed to just be in my house, alone, and try to make some order of things. "Making some order of things," for me, means cleaning the hell out of my house. Which is good in this case, because it really needed it. It took me two hours to do my dishes - that's how bad it was.

So here's a quick little update to get us caught up, and I'll try to get back to better and more regular posting soon.

Since most of the house mess is a direct result of the addition of a sick dog to the family, this seems like a good place to start the update. We had a return visit to the vet late last week. Most of her sores have healed, but the one on her back wasn't responding to the antibiotics. So she's now on a new antibiotic and a topical cream. I have to clean the loose scabs off her back nightly and apply the cream to her raw flesh. With my bare hands! Gross. But the new meds seem to be much more effective than the last.

She'd already put on some weight, but not nearly enough. So, in addition to mixing puppy food into her kibble, the vet now also has me mixing in canned pumpkin and meat-flavored baby food. And now, when I pet her, I almost can't feel her ribcage!

Alas, she's still dumb. Sweet like honey. But dumb like rocks.

The Kid got back on Sunday from a week with his grandma (on his dad's side) in San Diego. This was the longest he'd been away from both his dad and me - usually when he goes away from one of us, he's with the other one of us - and his first experience with home sickness. He is very happy to be home.

His 8th birthday is tomorrow. I've snuck some birthday cookies into his lunch bag, and have a small gift ready for him to open tomorrow morning before camp. I'm meeting up with him and his dad tomorrow night so his dad and I can give him his "real" present: a bike that actually fits him so he can stop kneeing himself in the chin when he pedals.

His birthday party is this Sunday, and the guest list is looking pretty slim. A summer birthday boy, he's used to several friends being out of town for his parties. But this year's looking to be particularly sparse. To top it off, his grandmother (dad's side again) planned a baby shower for her daughter on the same day, which means that neither she nor The Kid's two aunts will be able to make it. This is typical behavior for her (she's only made it to two of The Kid's birthday parties, and she lives 30 minutes away) so I shouldn't be surprised, and yet... I am. In fact, last year when we were putting together the guest list for his 7th party, The Kid suggested we not even include her since she never comes anyway.

Ugh. I know he'll survive the disappointment of a small turn out, but I don't know if I'll survive the hurt sure to be shining in his eyes.

Finally, the good news! The Man plans to be in Seattle by his birthday in August. You may not be aware of this, but August happens NEXT MONTH! There's even some potential good news on the job front. Like, he might have one when he gets here! He's been talking to his boss about keeping his current position and working remotely from Seattle. If that doesn't work, there's a different (less ideal) department within the same company that's currently hiring several positions for which he is qualified and for which the current boss would give a recommendation.

Either of these options would be better than what we were originally expecting, which is that he would leave the job in Dallas and live off his savings while searching for a job in Seattle. So if you wouldn't mind crossing your fingers, or thinking happy thoughts, or praying to your gods (if you have any that aren't busy with more important things like ending famines and wars), or clicking your heels together, or whatever it is you do to make good things happen, I would really, really appreciate it.

I got two hours of sleep last night, and I really need to go to bed.


Debbie said...

love your blog!!! will be thinking happy thoughts for your relationship move and your son! Hope his birthday is wonderful!

MindyMom said...

I'll be thinking of you and hoping for the best with you and the man!

Single Mom Seeking said...

Fingers crossed for you, mama, about the big move!!

Happy birthday to your little guy. I hope he gets to choose something very special to do with YOU! xoxo

Bobbi Janay said...

Hope his move goes well, glad to here that the dog is gaining weight.

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