Monday, July 20, 2009

Thank god that's over

The Kid's birthday party was Sunday afternoon. He had a good time time despite the low attendance. Almost all of his friends were out of town, so only three kids were able to come (and one of those was his cousin). To top it off, his grandmother on his dad's side planned his aunt's baby shower for the same day, so she and his two aunts couldn't make it.

Seriously. What kind of grandma does that?

Anyway, there were some tears shed in the week leading up to the party as The Kid learned of more and more kids who weren't going to be able to make it. But he'd mostly come to terms with it by the time the party rolled around, and he quite enjoyed himself.

After last year's utterly exhausting Indiana Jones birthday extravaganza, I was more than relieved when he decided to just hang out at a park this year. With no snake pits to construct, I busied myself with goofy food preparations instead.

It's just not a party if I don't make it at least a little more difficult than it actually needs to be.

I made some "sushi" using rice crispy treats, Swedish fish, and fruit roll ups.

I stole the idea from a parent who brought the same treat to a class party at The Kid's school. She was able to find green roll ups that looked a helluva lot more like seaweed. I drove all over town looking for green. I failed.

The best I could do was a combination box that included a couple small pieces of green, and a whole lot of dayglo red, orange, and yellow. Plus blue and purple, but I refused to use those. I also used some of the all natural hippie roll ups from my own cupboard. Those are the ones roughly the color of bacon.

Oh well. They were almost all eaten by the end of the party, so they must've been alright.

I also made these jello watermelon lime slice thingies:

Not those exact ones though. Those ones were made my Chocolate on My Cranium, which is where I stole the idea. You can get the recipe there. I didn't take pictures of my own for a couple reasons:
  1. Slicing them was the last thing I did before we (literally) ran out the door. I didn't have time.
  2. Mine weren't as pretty. Tip for any of you who might be considering making these: sharp knives are probably pretty awesome.
I did, for some reason, take a picture right before I threw them in the fridge to set.

Another tip: err on the side of overfilling the limes. The ones I under-filled ended up looking rather droopy once I sliced them.

You'll be left with a bowl of lime guts perfect for limeade.

This blender recipe works pretty well if you've rendered your limes unsqueezable. I added more sugar than the recipe called for (and, obviously, didn't add the skins), but it was still way too tart at the party. I brought the leftovers home and added even more sugar, and it was quite delicious.

And that's it - that was the extent of my work. Everything else consumed was store bought. And the only party "games" to coordinate were the squirt guns, which required me to pour some water.

Easy. Still, I was left completely exhausted. I'm glad it's over for another year.

*Sadly, I have no party pics to post since all the good ones include faces of children who aren't mine, and I only embarrass my own kid.


rockergirl said...

Congratulations and job well done - very creative and fun. Your son is very lucky to have such a great mom.

T said...

You sound like me. I do the SAME when it comes to birthday parties. I, for some reason, can't make it a simple thing.

Thankfully, my soon-to-be-8-year-old has requested 3 friends come over for a sleepover next month. Hmmm... how complicated can I make that?

Single Mom Seeking said...

Happy Birthday!! (I'm a Cancer like your little guy, very sensitive, too...). I had something similar happen re: family on my birthday -- no word from a family member -- so I empathize.

And can I just add how amazing all of those creative treats are? Wow, wow. I'm so impressed. You are quite a mom.

Anonymous said...

I made candy sushi once too, and didn't realize (until it was too late) that you can actually buy large pieces of green fruit leather at Safeway in the produce section. There was a dark green flavor (green apple?) that would have been perfect. Next time!

Anonymous said...

Your "sushi" looks 100% better than mine did! Good work!

@NikolSpencer said...

Wow! Look at you, rockstar mom! Seems like it was a success {and super cute, to boot!}.

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