Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Where I get my awesome

A good reporter never gives up her sources.

Of course, I'm no reporter. And even if I was, it's pretty hard to "give up" something that's broadcasting itself all over the massive internets. Still, I have my sources - places where I find my awesome - and I don't always want you to know about them. You might not like me as much if you know I'm a hack; that I borrow other people's awesome and play it off as if it were my own.

But I've found some really good music here (and some really terrible music too), and I don't feel right holding out on you anymore. Especially that one coworker who, whenever I put on my Aurgasm playlist, compliments my iPod on its fantastic taste in music.

So I'm giving up this source. It's time.

You won't find everything here. As a Seattle girl, I can smell a lack of rock from a mile away. But that's by design. "Aurgasm specializes in everything not under the American rock umbrella—music such as: downtempo, folk, nu jazz, chanson, scandinavian, jazz, cuban, brazilian, electro, soul, jump blues, bluegrass, film score, and electronica," says the About page.

You should check out the website or follow Aurgasm on twitter. All songs on the site can be downloaded, added to your iPod, and used to impress your coworkers.

So long as they don't read your blog.

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