Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Overheard on the soccer field

The head coach was out of town for The Kid's last soccer game, and there was a bit of a mix up about who was in charge of bringing the equipment to the game. This, of course, means that nobody brought it, and so we were forced to make due with random bits of equipment that various parents happened to have scattered in their trunks.

The keeper suffered the most, forced to wear someone's windbreaker for a jersey. And then there was the glove situation. Someone had one... but only one.

At the half, Keeper One traded with Keeper Two, and Keeper Two - who'd apparently been unaware of the scramble at the beginning of the game - stared, baffled, at the equipment he was expected to wear.

The assistant coach apologized as he zipped Keeper Two into the windbreaker, and went to work forcing Keeper's hand into the one glove.

"We only have one glove. You're gonna be like Michael Jackson out there today."


Bewildered silence.

And then, finally, from the befuddled Keeper Two: "Who?"

And just like that, I'm old.

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