Thursday, June 25, 2009

Everyone is mad here

It all started with my home office, and one obnoxiously blank wall that needs some love.

I want something whimsical on that wall. The room is built for linear thought, for logic, for coloring in the lines. I want something to remind me to see things differently, even when I'm paying my bills.

I want a little Tom Robbins in my office. A little Douglas Adams. A Little Prince.

This one:

Not this one:

I want some Oz, some Wonderland in my office.

So I wandered my way over to Etsy to see what I could find. I started with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which, along with Through the Looking Glass, was probably the first piece of literature to thoroughly blow my mind.

Side note: as a child old enough to know better, I used to ride my horse around looking for rabbit holes to jump down. This probably says more about how desperate I was to escape my step-mom (you can read a little about her here and here) than anything else. But I really was that captivated by the idea of Wonderland.

Anyway, I didn't find anything I might actually want to hang on my wall, but I did find some cool Wonderland inspired things to look at. Enjoy.

Petit Secret by UntamedMenagerie

Curiouser by UntamedMenagerie

Your Secret is Safe With Me Locket by adorapop

Drink Me Bottle Specimen No. 003 by geekdetails

Alice in Wonderland - Big by Champignons

Raven v. Writing Desk Card by jillhannah

Golden Afternoon by BLinkDesign

Not from Etsy, but kind of freaking amazing:

Spanish Lace by Edyta Cieloch currently on in a Museum of Art and Design show called Object Factory.

Mad Hatter from Jessica Rosario's Wonderland collection.

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, of course.
Who else could make Alice for the big screen?


Nikki said...

I wanted to email you but couldn't find a anyway, I've followed you on UB (from back in the day) and came upon this post
I loved your response to the idiotic post and wanted to drop you a note to show some appreciation. I have a blog too and you are linked from there.

Martini Mom said...

Oh dear. There are too many Martini Moms roaming the internet. Surely that can't be good for society.

I am not the Martini Mom you seek, and had never visited youbemom before clicking on the link in your comment. So someone else deserves your appreciation, but I hope you'll enjoy my blog anyway!

T said...

Awesome Etsy items! And I can't wait to see Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter on the big screen. Have you seen the pic of him?!? Wow.

Good stuff.

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