Saturday, June 20, 2009

Doggie Rescue, Day 3: The Vet

My dog is drugged, and she is NOT enjoying her trip.

She's fighting it will all she has, in fact; pacing in a futile effort to keep from falling asleep. This only means that she falls asleep while pacing. She's totally out of it. I tried to get her to drink some water, but instead of lapping she just dangled her tongue into the bowl and looked at me expectantly. And a moment ago she startled herself with her own fart.

As entertaining as all this is, I wish she'd just curl up and go to sleep like a good little stoner.

It has been a trying day for us both. She had to be poked and prodded for three hours at the vet. And me? I chose the middle of the crowded waiting room to lose my shit. Started crying and couldn't stop. It was awesome.

In the end, her diagnosis and prognosis aren't so bad. Or, rather, the diagnosis is bad in that the extent of her ailments was entirely preventable, but her prognosis is not so bad in that it's all fixable. Her blood work won't be back until Monday, but here's what we've got so far:

Severe ear infection. She was given a routine ear cleaning and an ear ointment two-week treatment. She may need another round of the treatment.

Deep skin infection. She was given a sedative and an injection of pain medication. This was necessary so that they could give her a medicated bath, shave and medicate each wound, and take a skin scraping (ouch!). They found no fleas or mites, which is good and rules that out as a cause for the skin infection. That leaves a number of possibilities: severe allergy, thyroid issue, autoimmune disorder. The blood work will show if it's a thyroid issue or not. In the past (when she was my dog the first time), it was always diagnosed as an allergy. Of course, in the past, it was also treated immediately and not allowed to develop into an infection. She was given a shot of cortisone and has been prescribed a three-week antibiotic treatment, which may need to be repeated. Her wounds will need to be cleaned periodically with a weak iodine solution. And she has to wear the cone of shame.

She does not like the cone of shame.

Underweight. She's always been a skinny dog, but she's definitely lost some additional weight. The blood work will show if there are any thyroid issues at play. In the meantime, her crappy "whatever's cheapest at Costco" food will be mixed with hippie all natural puppy food.

Other stuff. The blood work will also check her liver and kidney function. And she's out of date on her shots, but that will be saved for another day.

Maybe I'm imagining things, but despite the cone and drugs, her face is beginning to look ever so slightly less sad.

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Kelly said...

I guess it's okay that I lost my shit in the privacy of my living room then. Thank you for rescuing her! As someone who grew up with LOTS of dogs, I am extremely grateful to you for your kindness.

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