Monday, May 11, 2009


...that I had the cash to help my mom open the fabric store she's always wanted. There's commercial space available within walking distance of her house that's tormenting her. It's leasing cheap these days, and there are entire generations of X and Y rediscovering the glory of sewing, quilting and crafting. Could there be a more perfect time for a retro-chic fabric store? One that offers how-to classes to help us do-it-yourself wannabes along? But one that is cool, and not at all like those frumpy, library-quiet ones that smell like old gray carpet?

Imagine it. An awesome fabric store, full of awesomely creative shoppers just like you. A place to geek out and get crafty with people who know that potpourri and lace have no place outside your grandma's bathroom.

You know you want it.


Mrs. Limestone said...

Has she looked into getting a loan from the SBA or some other organization that helps small businesses. I think this is a fabulous idea. There is at least one in Brooklyn and it does amazingly well.

Martini Mom said...

I know, right? Fabulous idea, and definitely something Seattle could use more of.

Update: She's looking into loans, no longer certain that this is just a pipe dream after all. Yay!

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