Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It's my senior year. 1994. A team of 30+ girls gathers in our high school parking lot, waiting for a charter bus. We are headed to the Washington state dance/drill competition in Yakima. Clutched in my hand is the bag that carries our emergency cassette tape: a duplicate recording of our performance music, which is a decidedly schizophrenic uber-medley of songs by Erasure, Depeche Mode, Guns n Roses, U2, The Nylons, one show tune, and a whole lotta techno.

The bus pulls in and we shriek our approval. In a frenetic ball of hair scrunchies, giggles, and vanilla-scented lip balm, we load our bags into the cargo compartment. The sun shines brightly as my BFF and I climb aboard, singing a popular tune at the tops of our lungs. The driver looks grim.

Several of us will go on to make the all-state teams later that weekend (all-state high kick right here, bitches). And we'll walk away with the award for highest team-wide GPA, because we are so much more than long legs in short skirts. But, despite months of grueling extra-long rehearsals, we won't earn ourselves the coveted Superior rating.

Which makes our bus-boarding song choice all too prophetic.

Beck - Loser

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This memory brought to you by the iPod of the designer behind me.

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