Thursday, May 28, 2009

Now living guilt free

I hate plastic bags. Hate them. I try to be good to the environment. But those plastic bags, they mock my efforts. Grocery and shopping bags are easy enough to avoid because who doesn't have a trunk full of reusable totes these days? I even have a collection of stylish and enormous handbags that I use on the weekends, just in case I'm struck with the sudden urge to hit a farmer's market or garage sale or something. Because saving the world is one thing. But saving the world while you look devastatingly cute? That's a whole 'nother level of karma.

But it's those damn sandwich bags that get me. The Kid goes through at least four with every lunch packing ritual. What's my eco-friendly solution there? My grandpa used to wrap his sandwich in a hanky, but I'm not entirely sure it wasn't the same one he used to wipe his nose and something tells me The Kid wouldn't be particularly discerning in that regard either. And plastic or glass (because, really, I hate plastic in general - at least as it relates to my food) containers are far too pricey to allow The Kid to take to school. Even the cheap supermarket-brand plastic containers are too expensive considering how many The Kid would lose. So, what then?

As if I needed more proof that I am my mother's daughter, my mom mentioned a few months ago that her next "project" was to stop using sandwich bags. Not long after that, I received a fortuitous flyer from The Kid's school introducing me to ReUsies, a plastic-free, washable, and reusable sandwich/snack bag alternative. And they're made by moms in Seattle (hurray for buying local!).

I bought a few for my mom for Mother's Day. I didn't want to buy too many for her, because I figured they'd be pretty simple construction (judging by the serger finishing visible in the photo) and she'd just start making her own if she liked them. But me? I knew I'd take one look at them, think "I can make that," and then never get around to it. So I ordered a couple extras to try out on The Kid.

They've made it through their first week of heavy use, and I'm digging them. The Kid miraculously remembers not to throw them away. They clean up easily (though we haven't had any disastrous messes to really test that yet). And I go to bed with a slightly clearer conscience.

You're welcome, Mother Nature.

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