Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just photos

I'm pretty burnt out after a long weekend, so anything I attempt to write tonight will be pure crap. So here, look at these photos* of my kiddo playing soccer. The spring season ended today, and they managed to tie their last game (a HUGE improvement over most of their other games, which they lost... miserably).

Of course, I judge the relative success of any soccer season by how many days I had to stand in the pouring rain for an hour. There was none of that this season, and so I declare it a smashing success.

My favorite shots are the ones where he came up against this crazy-good tiny little redhead and, it would appear, decided to challenge him to a dance-off. Twice. Upon seeing these photos, The Kid was mortified to the point of tears. I have officially crossed into bad mommy territory for showing them to you, so shhhhhh...

I'm also quite fond of this one. Not much action, but these two have been best friends since they were a year old.

Also? My kid is insanely fast. Startlingly so. I just thought you should know that.

*Photos taken by Bob Watford, iSportPhotos.

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