Monday, April 13, 2009

Currently coveting

Copper Hose Pot from Frontgate
It's springtime, and I am determined to make some progress in my yard this year. We'll start with pretty hose decor, and work our way up to procrastinating the rest of the season away.

Classic Lucky Koi Black Vneck from Ahpeele
Koi remind me of The Man and one fine spring day spent in a beautiful series of gardens.

Rogue River Blue Cheese from Rogue Creamery
I love me some blue cheese, and it really doesn't get better than this. It's wrapped in brandy-soaked grape leaves and is a slice of blue heaven.

Rolling Under-bed Storage from Stacks and Stacks
One of these would be handy now, but four will prove essential should I happen to find myself suddenly sharing my bedroom.

Track Rod Window Hardware from Pottery Barn
I have an interesting window challenge in my living room and have been searching for nearly seven years for usable curtain rods. These will do quite nicely. And? AND? They just happen to come in pieces that combine to be exactly the right length for my window. If you live in an old house where nothing is standard size, you'll understand how exciting this is.

Honey Jasmine Natural Perfume from SpaGoddess
It might smell terrible, but for $12 I'm willing to risk it.


Mrs. Limestone said...

I really like that hose pot too but what are the chances it would ever stay all coiled up like that? I think I'd spend more time trying to get it in there than I would appreciating the concealed look of it. But Ive never had one of these so maybe its not that hard to use.

KB said...

Yeah, I wondered the same thing. If I end up getting one, I'll let the world know how it works out.

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