Monday, April 27, 2009

Currently coveting: the great outdoors

Inspired by my weekend in the yard, I want these things:

1. A handful of these tangerine lanterns from Basic Green Box. They will hang from the branches of my cherry tree, and they will be loved.

2. Rain chains to replace my rusting downspouts. This one's available at (photo from Whenever I look at this picture, I start singing "...that's the sound of the men working on the rain chaaaaaain," so that's nice.

3. Pretty solar lights. I love the glow they make when the sun goes down. Sadly, I can not find a photo of the amber beehive lights I saw at Target. This one (from Outdora) is not what I want, though it's about the right size and shape, and reaching toward the right color. But enough with the mosaic lighting, already.

4. Reclaimed marble garden ball. Is it too weird? I don't care. I love it. Made by TaDahpdx, because everything's better in Portland.

5. Religion. Of course, a Buddha statue will be required but I haven't found one I must have yet. And Pan, please. But not one of those silly half goat/half cherub Pans. Pan is no cherub. Not in my garden, anyway.

6. A rain barrel. An attractive one. Anyone know if such a thing exists?

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