Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And unto us an Etsy shop is born

The wife of a coworker just launched an Etsy shop to sell her vintage handmade jewelry.

Each piece is named with a carefully selected song lyric. Dave Matthews is featured, but let's not hold that against the lass. You can always rename it after you purchase. I'm partial to the casual blueberry in As Blue as Oceans and as Pure as Skies. Also digging on Strawberry Fields Forever.

Her designer husband took the photos. This is what happens when artists marry artists. Pretty jewelry shops (and weird kids who no one talks to in school) are born.

Check it out and buy something. It's good stuff and they're good people. And really, I'm sure any children they have will be just fine.


1 comment:

SharpSpice said...

You are the best.

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