Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day assignment

To commemorate yesterday's historic event, each child in The Kid's class was asked to write a letter to the president, describing how he or she would run the country.

"If I were presodent I would bring pies to this country. I would help athers. I would stop worse. I would make this country a beter. This country just gets beter evre day. From The Kid."

He meant peace, not pies (and wars, not worse), but I'm not so sure that a president who brings pies to the country is such a bad idea. Let us not underestimate the negotiating power of delicious fruit filled baked goods.

The Kid also drew a picture to show what the White House would look like if he lived there. "His" White House, is big and white and regal... with a bitchin' Camero parked in the drive. And not just any bitchin' Camero. Oh no. His transforms into Bumblebee.

Pies and a transforming Camero, Obama. A transforming Camero! Kinda makes your whole "affordable health care" spiel seem a little uninspired, doesn't it?

1 comment:

Kelly Willer Hamilton said...

Doug would fully support the pie plan.

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