Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bright side

There are two good things about having a boy friend who lives out of state. The first is that I never have to fight for the tv on Project Runway night. The second is the appearance of packages on my doorstep.

On Halloween Eve, I came home to the coolest flower arrangement I've ever seen. Beautiful is maybe a more common way to describe a floral display, and these were definitely that. But they were also... kind of arty. They were gorgeously awesome.

January brought me my first issue of The Thing Quarterly. It is a shoe attached by one lace to a book. The book is titled "Problems and Promises" and is blank inside. I'm inclined to write my own problems and promises in it. I'm also inclined to sit in a very public place - a coffee shop or a metro bus - while I write, and entertain myself by watching people try to figure out why I have a shoe dangling from my book.

And earlier this week, a tea pot and four matching cups arrived. I haven't had a matching tea set since I was a little girl. That one was white with a gaudy rose pattern. This one is blue and decorated with a single tasteful dragon fly. I haven't used it yet, but I'm certain the simple loveliness of it will make tea taste so much better than it ever did from that damned rose pot. That tea tasted ugly, like Kent.

I think, should The Man ever move his butt back to Seattle, I shall insist that my Christmas presents continue to be delivered by post.

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