Saturday, November 08, 2008

You should have these things

The Farm to Table Cookbook: The Art of Eating Locally
By Ivy Manning
Available from Sasquatch Books

The recipes are organized by season for easy coordination with whatever you just picked up at the farmer's market. And, if you're part of a CSA like I am, it has recipes for all that weird shit that comes in your box, like persimmons and sunchokes. Also? The pages smell amazing.

Refrigerator Dishes
Available at Crate & Barrel.
Or maybe you prefer vintage?
Martha Stewart also makes them in a variety of sizes if you don't mind the whole Kmart thing.

You're going to be doing a lot of cooking, so you'll definitely need something to store left-overs. These are pretty, and they make that lovely glass-on-glass clink when you put the lid on. Best of all, they won't leech their nasty plastic chemicals all over your organic, garden-fresh meals.

Library Card
Available at the library.


We're all likely to get a whole helluva lot broker in the coming months. Maybe you ought to borrow that cookbook instead of buy it. Thanks to the Intertubes, you can browse the catalog from the comfort of your own ass on your own couch, and the library will send you a friendly little email when your stuff is ready to be collected. Why not pick up a dvd or cd while you're at it? Who needs Netflix? Bye-bye iTunes! And? AND! When you check out, you put your stuff on this flat little piece of black plastic - four books/cds/whatever at a time - and the check-out computer knows what's sitting there without even needing to scan it. It's the most awesome voodoo magic I've ever seen.

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